Thanks to the use of professional software such as 3D CAD / 3D FEM and our own production, Systron is able to design and manufacture complex, customer-specific shieldings. Two reference projects are presented below.


Shielding box for precision balance at Straumann

An analyser for the determination of mass change, which contains a precision balance, is considerably disturbed by external magnetic fields at Straumann in Basel. Measurements showed that extreme near-DC changes of up to 19 µT occur. The source was found to be tram power lines running parallel to the building.

Systron was commissioned to design and manufacture a shielding box for the device in order to reduce the magnetic field changes to significantly <1 µT.

Measurements after installation of the annealed Mu-metal shielding show that the near-DC fields could be reduced by a good 99% and thus to <200nT.

According to Straumann, thanks to the shielding box, the analyser can now be operated without interference.

2017 - 2020

Shield housing for Hamilton MagPip pipetting channel

In close cooperation with Hamilton, Systron developed and manufactured a two-part shield housing made of mu-metal around the linear motor of the MagPip pipetting channel. This to prevent interference between the channels.

The tight space conditions and the required tolerances presented a special design challenge. Furthermore, attention had to be paid to the fact that the enclosure could be assembled easily and quickly during production.