Magnetic field simulations can be used to simulate magnetic field sources and to determine and visualize their magnetic fields. This allows optimal and customized shielding solutions to be evaluated and tested. The software used is Narda EFC-400 and COMSOL Multiphysics.


Magnetic field simulatins in the Narda EFC-400 software for electrical installations and equipment allow 3D visualization of the propagation of magnetic and electric fields. This makes it possible to assess whether limit values are complied with or exceeded. The software allows the exact determination of electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity of electrical installations and is characterized by high calculation accuracy, as well as by a good three-dimensional visualization of the calculation results.

We perform magnetic field simulations for the following components and systems. If necessary, a suitable magnetic field shielding solution is designed by Systron.

  • Entire transformer stations with site data sheet for ESTI inpuT
  • Cables and busbars
  • Conduit blocks for medium and high voltage lines
  • Medium and high voltage overhead lines
  • Individual components such as transformers, LV distribution boards
  • Riser zones
  • Medium voltage installations
  • Substations
  • Railroad installations

COMSOL Multiphysics (3D FEM)

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a numerical method for solving complex systems described by differential equations. Basically, the computational domain is divided into a finite number of subdomains, which in turn, due to their simplicity, can be well calculated. Based on transition conditions of the individual elements, the behavior of the entire system can then be calculated.

3D FEM simulations in Comsol allow to simulate the shielding effect of nonlinear magnetic shields. The shielding effect of shielding materials such as mu-metal, silicon iron, pure iron and aluminum can be accurately simulated and visualized. With the help of the simulation, the shielding can be designed and the effect can be verified.

With the 3D FEM software we perform magnetic field simulations for subsequent components. If necessary, a suitable shielding solution is designed by Systron.

  • DC magnets
  • Simulation of NMR’s
  • Simulation of MRI’s
  • Simulation of different AC and DC sources
  • Homogeneity analysis of active cancellation systems
  • Complex multilayer room shielding in the frequency range from 0 to approx. 10kHz
  • Cable conduit blocks
  • Medium and high voltage overhead lines
  • Development of customized shielding solutions with various materials

The list is not exhaustive, just ask us if you need more information.